Up within the sky, a platinum-blonde princess rides her dragon over the streets of King’s Touchdown. Ring any bells? It definitely ought to. This was one of many starkest images from the Sport of Thrones endgame—and now, it’s one of many earliest photographs in HBO’s successor collection, Home of the Dragon.

Some excellent news for the denizens down beneath: not like her descendent Daenerys, the dragon-riding Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock, with Emma D’Arcy taking over the function halfway by means of this primary season) doesn’t have conquest on her thoughts. Cheered far and broad as “the realm’s delight,” Princess Rhaenyra aspires for little greater than a lifetime of consuming cake and watching good-looking knights smash lances into one another. Who needs the Iron Throne when the mighty dragon Syrax affords the most effective view of the realm?

In addition to, what’s the purpose in dreaming concerning the crown when the king’s true inheritor—her child brother—is simply days away from getting into the world?

That’s the place we launch into Dragon, roughly. Extra precisely, we start some years earlier: within the ruined fortress Harrenhal, on the tail finish of an outdated king’s reign. With the top of his life in sight and with out a clear inheritor to his title, Jaehaerys Targaryen summons a council to untangle the matter of succession between two decisions: his eldest inheritor, Princess Rhaenys (Eve Greatest), and his eldest male inheritor, Viserys (Paddy Considine). Guess who wins the vote in a landslide?

9 years into Viserys’ reign as king, questions of succession are as soon as once more on the menu. And not using a son, the crown is because of fall to Viserys’ brother, Daemon (Matt Smith), charismatic as he’s merciless. (The erstwhile Eleventh Physician’s introduction to the world of Home of the Dragon, wherein he leads the gold-cloaked Metropolis Watch by means of a fire-and-bloody raid of King’s Touchdown, instantly ranks among the many most violent in the whole Thrones franchise.) There are official issues about this man ascending to the throne, most repeatedly raised by Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans), Hand of the King.

Extra excellent news, this time for Otto and those that agree along with his tackle Daemon: one other inheritor looms on the horizon. Viserys and his beloved spouse Aemma (Sian Brooke) are as a result of convey a brand new youngster into the world, and Viserys is satisfied it is going to be a boy, due to a dream, “clearer than a reminiscence.” The king is so positive of his son’s imminent arrival that he throws a lavish match within the child’s honor, an occasion that shortly descends into typical Thronesian bloodshed, each on and off the battlefield. Simply as a thriller knight named Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) bests Daemon on the top of the match, tragedy strikes Home Targaryen, when each Aemma and her youngster die in one of the franchise’s most upsetting sequences. Solely within the wake of her mom and brother’s loss of life does Rhaenyra lastly permit herself to voice the fad she’s felt towards her father, and his incapacity to see her as worthy of the Iron Throne: “I ponder if throughout these few hours my brother lived, my father lastly discovered happiness.”

Quite a lot of hours later — although not a lot extra — the dreaded query rears its head once more: succession. Fears of Daemon’s ascension outweigh widespread decency, as members of the king’s small council implore Viserys to call a brand new inheritor: Rhaenyra, his daughter, who would stand to develop into Westeros’ first ruling queen. For his half, Viserys is sickened by the dialog, if not the suggestion. “My spouse and son are lifeless,” the grieving king bellows. “I can’t sit right here and undergo crows to come back and feast on their corpses!”

However Viserys’s personal consideration turns to the matter when he hears studies of Daemon celebrating the passing of the “inheritor for a day.” Daemon doesn’t deny the claims, and as an alternative places his personal spin on it: that he mourns in his “personal means,” and that every one he cares about is defending the Targaryen lineage, which suggests defending it from Viserys himself.

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